About Us

Kitty Chilsett is Eli and Mary Chartkoff. The brand got started because Mary had bought a lavender vintage dress that had red clay stains on it which she intended to try and remove. Time went on but she never got around to trying to getting rid of the stains. One day she needed a purple dress. Her vintage dress was perfect but still had the stains. Solution: ask Eli to quickly draw over the stains with a Sharpie. The dress was a hit. The drawings were so cute, Mary wanted to preserve the drawings forever so she embroidered them and so lead to their venture into embroidery.

Kitty Chilsett combines Eli’s whimsical character designs with Mary’s multi-decade obsession with fashion. Both aspire to create pieces that are fun and interesting to wear and to look at. Each collection will be limited in how many are produced so that the person wearing them will have something very special that not everyone else will have.